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A Stick Figure's Tale of True Love
(Emphasis on "True")
(Authorhouse; January 2007)

Like people, even stick figures fall in love.  Through a series of straight lines, artists make thin-limbed figures do anything from hold hands to swap wedding bands.  And just as easily, they can face hopelessness and heartbreak.


In “A Stick Figure’s Tale of True Love (Emphasis on ‘True’),” Ebert creates a world of primitively-illustrated eggheads on a common quest to find true love.  Without words, they convey the thrill of finding a soul mate through giant smiles and starry eyes.  Excitedly, they jump from relationship-to-relationship in traditional storyboard fashion.


But just like in real life, the young lovers don’t always find their happy endings.  And as readers, we learn that even the simplicity of stick figures can have meaning.