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Dec. 2, 2006

Starting this month, Ebert will begin handling the "Asking the Clergy" page of Newsday's Faith section.  The weekly feature requires Ebert to interview Long Island clergy and compile their viewpoints on topical religious questions.  The first piece was published today.  Please click below to read this week's Q&A, and remember to visit the website's Freelance section for future pieces:


"Asking the clergy: Are religious student groups wrong for public schools?"



Nov. 15, 2006

The book description and cover artwork for "A Stick Figure's Tale of True Love (Emphasis on 'True')" has been added to the Books section of the website.  At this stage, it appears the book will be available by January 2007.  Please check back for future updates.



Oct. 21, 2006

Recently, "Closing the Gap: Tales of a Woman Ranger" has received some local press.  The Sayville, NY-based Suffolk County News ran a half-page story about the book on October 19, while Long Island Golfer Magazine is planning a feature story for this winter.  To read the SCN story, click here:


"A lone (female) ranger who roams the tees"



Aug. 26, 2006

Ebert's humor essay was published in today's Opinion section of Newsday.  It has also been added to the Freelance section of this website.  To read the piece, click here:

"500 Words or Less: On the face of it, showing your age is a fine line"


Aug. 19, 2006

Ebert has finished writing and revising his sixth book, a primitively-illustrated storyboard entitled "A Stick Figure's Tale of True Love (Emphasis of 'True')."  The dialogue-less work is expected to be published sometime this fall.  In addition, the book's author photo has been added to the website gallery.  Please check back for future updates on the book's publication schedule.



Aug. 10, 2006

In the coming weeks, Ebert will have a humor article appearing in the "500 Words or Less" column of Newsday's Opinion Section.  The editors confirmed their plans to publish the piece earlier this week, and the exact publication date will be determined later this month.  In July 2005, Ebert contributed his first humor piece to the weekly column, which features essays by Long Island writers.



July 30, 2006

Back in early 2004, Ebert encouraged his mother to record her unique experiences working as Long Island's sole female golf ranger.  During the following two years, he contributed his editing skills to the humor pieces.  This week, Liz Ebert finally announced the release of her short story collection, "Closing the Gap: Tales of a Woman Ranger."  The book can be purchased by clicking below:


July 24, 2006
In mid July, Ebert departed Hauppauge, NY-based StaffWriters Plus to rejoin the Editorial Department of Newsday, which is the seventh largest newspaper in the United States.  In his new capacity, Ebert will be working on the Long Island News Desk alongside the publication's editors and reporters.  He also plans to freelance some articles down the road.  
May 22, 2006
Ebert's two latest books, "Images & Words" and "The Man Who Lives In The Building Across From Me," are now available for sale via all online outlets.  Please purchase your copies today. 
May 15, 2006
Ebert would like to thank Artiom (a fellow Kevin Moore enthusiast) for taking time to create the new homepage animation.  For more of Artiom's artwork, please visit www.piecesofart.net
March 24, 2006
Earlier this month, Ebert finished writing and revising his fifth book, a satirical novelette entitled "The Man Who Lives In The Building Across From Me."  The book should be available for purchase by late May.  Meanwhile, Ebert's fourth book, "Images & Words," remains slated for a mid May publication date.
Jan. 2, 2006
Welcome to the launch of the official Michael R. Ebert website.  This site is intended to provide regular updates on Ebert's future works, while also detailing his past projects.  At this time, Ebert is preparing for publication of his fourth book, a coffee-table text entitled "Images & Words."  The book is expected to be available by May.